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Matthew R Lark, DDS, MAGD

General Dentistry, Implants,Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain

Our Services

Orofacial and Temporomandibular Disorders

Our practice focuses on the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain, headaches, temporomandibular disorders, and sleep related breathing disorders. Under the broad umbrella of orofacial pain, our patient population presents with multiple complaints that are associated with muscle tension type headaches, migraines, facial/oral neuralgia, neck muscle spasm/strain, trigger points, and jaw related problems (temporomandibular disorders, TMJ).

Dr. Lark is the 2008-9 President of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain http://www.aaop.org the premeire science based facial pain organization in the world with sister academies in five continents. We adhere to the AAOP Guidlines when diagnosing and treating patients with jaw or facial pain problems.

I-CAT CBCT imaging, allows a close-up look at the facial bones , joints, and airway features which can give us insight into your pain problems. See technology section of website for details.

Common symptoms include facial and temporal headaches, vice like tension across the head, jaw stiffness and soreness, decreased jaw and/or neck range of motion, facial muscle spasm, TM joint clicking and/or locking, ear pain, pain over the TM joints, tinnitus, and loss of balance sensations. Sleep bruxism (tooth grinding/clenching), and sleep related breathing disorders (snoring/sleep apnea), are also commonly evaluated and managed.


Though there is no direct relationship between Temporomandibular Problems and the experience of Migraine Headaches,it is common for migraine sufferers to benefit from treatment directed towards the jaw muscles, tm joints and upper neck muscles. As a result of chronic head and face pain, many migraine patients ultimately develop the tendency to clench their teeth and/or brace their jaw and neck muscles during the day. If these activities persist, another layer of injury is added to the already sore muscles and sensitized nerves of the head and neck region. Our experience has shown that if these concerns are addressed the duration and severity of migraine associated pains can be diminished.

Evaluation and Management of -

  • Temporomandibular disorders
  • Facial pain disorders
  • Muscle trigger point pain
  • Tension type headaches
  • Facial/oral neuralgia
  • Neck muscle spasm, strain, and trigger points
  • Sleep bruxism
  • Sleep related breathing disorders (snoring/apnea)


Subsequent to a diagnosis being formulated through history, clinical examination, radiographic imaging, diagnostic injections, and trial medication regimens, comprehensive treatment plans are established. These treatment plans may include medications, muscle trigger point injections, nerve blocks, oral appliances, electrotherapy inclusive of TENS, home physiotherapy (exercises), and referral for complimentary evaluation and care inclusive of neurology, physical medicine services, chiropractic, acupuncture, behavioral medicine and/or surgery.

Though we employ current diagnostic technology when necessary, our goal is to listen carefully and think in a logical way to solve your problem in the simplest and most efficient way possible. In fact, the vast majority of facial pain, TMJ, headache, and sleep problems can be managed effectively with practical treatment options.

Office Philosophy

Our initial diagnostic evaluations are scheduled for one hour. During this time, Dr. Lark has the opportunity to listen to our patients' chief complaints and history, conduct a physical examination, obtain necessary radiographs, and render a judgment with regard to diagnosis and plan of action. Individual attention is the hallmark of our practice. If Dr. Lark does not provide the primary focus of care, he often acts as a quarterback coordinating other medical consultations and/or treatment efforts in independent offices. Our goal is to align the patient with the appropriate treatment or specialist referral to treat their problem.