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Matthew R Lark, DDS, MAGD

General Dentistry, Implants,Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain

Plasma Rich Growth Factor ( PRGF)

P lasma R ich G rowth F actors

PRGF is an emerging medical technology which uses the naturally occurring growth factor found in the plasma of the blood to enhance the healing response of surgical procedures.

PRGF is used widely in Ophthamology, Orthopedics, Wound Healing, and Implant Dentistry.

PRGF speeds up the healing process and helps to reduce rejection of implants, bone , and gum grafts. The growth factors also decrease swelling, dry sockets, and decrease inflammation in a surgical site.

The procedure is simple. A few small vials of blood are drawn, prior to the procedure, and placed in calibrated centrifuge to isolate the growth factors in the plasma from the blood. The growth factor is than reinserted into the surgical site as a liquid, fibrin gel, or mixed in a composite of bone grafting material.

Dr. Lark utilizes PRGF to increase the predictability and comfort of your Surgical procedures, Including extractions, Implants, Bone Grafts or Gum Grafts.

PRGF Studies are linked below: